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Welcome to MCRA! 

On this site we hope you'll learn more about our rescue and our cats waiting for families.  We also hope you'll leave with a good sense as to the care we provide and our philosophy on rescue.   You'll find we are not a large rescue, we do not keep cats in cages so we don't have oodles to choose from, we carefully screen to make good "matches" between cats and families and because we are solely run by volunteers, at times our workload gets backlogged.  However, you'll also find that we "know" our cats.  We take in those that are abandoned, abused or are otherwise homeless and we rehab them.  We get to now them; their likes and dislikes, and we care for them like they are our own--each one is bittersweet to let go.  In short, we do this for the love of the breed, and for the joy in making a difference. 

 Thank you for entrusting us to help you find your new family member! 

 Harry, Purebred Maine Coon, Adoption Success!  

 Madison, Maine Coon Mix, Adoption Success!  


 Madison - Adopted 2006



  Adoption fees rarely cover the cost of providing basic necessities and veterinary care as often we rescue cats that have been abused, neglected,  abandoned, ill or injured.  Donations are tax deductible, and 100% goes to care of the cats - we are staffed solely by the generousity of volunteers.  Warmest wishes from all of us to you!

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Maine Coon Rescue Alliance reserves the right to deny an adoption for any reason.
















  Out of State Adoptions 


 We will make every effort to assist in the transport of our cats. Please understand we want to be absolutely certain our cats are safely in the arms of our adopters, therefore at this time we are only adopting within Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arkansas.